Neither snow nor rain, nor sleet -- nor the extreme Valley heat -- stops the mail.

“It’s really a good job. I really enjoy it, even in the heat," said city of Phoenix mail carrier David Morris.

Morris has been battling Arizona summers as a mail carrier for more than 22 years and delivers the mail to over 500 residents.

To combat the heat, he usually keeps a cooler of water in his mail truck and makes sure he takes a drink every time he finishes a loop.

"I usually take a drink from a Solo cup every loop which is about 15 minutes. If you start off thirsty, you're already in trouble," he said.

He even gets a little help from some of the people he delivers to.

He has been Alan Byerhoff's mail carrier for over 10 years.

"I know it gets hot out here in the summertime, and I just figured the nice thing to do is give him an ice-cold water and help him out through his day," said Byerhoff.

Morris says it’s the customers that help him get through the hot days and makes the job worth it.

"They get to know their mail carriers and it’s like a family -- and that’s what I like most about the job," said Morris.