PHOENIX - With an excessive heat warning going into effect Saturday for much of Arizona, everyone is paying close attention.

The high temps, which could top 120, will create dangerous conditions for Valley residents -- not just the human ones.

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"Our keepers are always looking out for any signs of heat exhaustion," said Linda Hardwick with the Phoenix Zoo.

There are a variety of ways that each animal stays cool.

Sometimes the zoo makes fruit popsicles. Water is also important for dealing with heat.

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"In Monkey Village, we have misters," said Hardwick,."They can also get in their night house. We have swamp coolers and misters in there. Tigers have a pool they enjoy to swim in and they have cooling rocks."

Zoo officials said elephants enjoy cool showers and the orangutans have a day room.

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"It really just depends on what the animal is," she said.

The zoo has moved up its opening hours to 7 a.m. - 2 p.m. to help beat the blistering temps.