The Arizona Department of Public Safety is looking for speeders, and they say there will be no warning.

If you get pulled over, you're getting a ticket.

According to DPS, it's an effort to curb deadly crashes. But will the tactic actually work?

DPS officials said they have more stealthily marked vehicles to make sure they're catching speeders, and they promise it's not part of a ticket quota; instead, it's a safety measure.

Fatal crashes went up almost 7 percent last year in Arizona, killing nearly 1,000 people, according to DPS data.

Studies differ on whether lowering speeds will impact the rate of deadly crashes on Arizona's freeways.

Experts say the difference between the speed of one car and another is a bigger factor in the damage caused by a crash than the speed of a given car in general.

If DPS can get drivers to slow down with the campaign, it could actually work -- but it's not guaranteed.