PHOENIX - A busy weekend likely means you’ll be facing delays on Interstate 17.

A particular problem is that winding stretch of highway between Sunset Point and New River. Crashes, brush fires and busy travel days in the area often slow traffic to a crawl.

So if you’re headed north this weekend, here are some alternate routes so you can avoid the potential backup.

Northbound from the West Valley:

Take westbound US 60, then follow State Route 89 northbound through Prescott. You can take State Route 69 southbound and then go north on State Route 169 to get back onto Interstate 17 from there.

Northbound from the East Valley:

Take State Route 87 north through Payson. From there, you can take State Route 260 west to get back on Interstate 17.

Here are some alternate routes you can take northbound (Photo: Google Maps)

Southbound to the West Valley:

Go south on State Route 69 or State Route 169 through Prescott. Then go south on State Route 89 through Wickenburg to eastbound US 60.

Southbound to the East Valley:

Take State Route 260 east to State Route 87 south.

Here are alternate routes southbound on I-17 (Photo: Arizona Department of Transportation)