Way before Tom Holland donned the Spider-Man tights and took over the box office, Bo Jackson was America's favorite wall crawler.

On July 11, 1990, Jackson showed off his incredible athletic talent during a game in Baltimore.

As a ball was lifted into center field, he raced towards the wall to catch the fly ball.

With the ball firmly in his glove, the Kansas City outfielder quickly approached the padded wall and it seemed like he was destined to slam face-first into the wall.

But just as Jackson was about to crash into it, he scaled the wall with ease and jumped back to the ground, finishing off an incredible play.

This was just one of the many amazing feats Jackson displayed during his illustrious career in both the MLB and NFL.

For years, Jackson was a fan favorite and his performance made him a pop culture icon.

Even though Jackson's career was tragically cut short due to injury, his performance on the baseball diamond and football field will continue to inspire young fans for years to come.