PHOENIX - Dancer Kendall Wheeler is born and raised in the Valley. She's been dancing since she was 3 years old.

"She started when she was 3, but then really wanted to focus on just ballet at 5," her mother, Teresa Wheeler said.

"I love ballet, every little thing about it," Kendall Wheeler said.

Now, the 14-year-old dancer commits over 30 hours a week to perfecting her craft.

"With ballet, it's all the time, training every single day," her trainer and coach, Miss Olga said.

With such a hectic schedule, Kendall decided that being homeschooled at her house in north Phoenix would be the better option.

"I practice a lot, but this is my passion and what I want to do," Kendall Wheeler said.

Kendall wouldn't be where she is without her mom, who drives her from north Phoenix all the way to her dance studio in Queen Creek every day.

"When you're a parent and this is your child's passion, you do whatever you need to help your child reach their dreams," Teresa Wheeler said.

Kendall's hard work has paid off. She's earned a scholarship to dance at one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the country.

"I got a scholarship to the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington D.C., and I am so excited for the opportunities ahead," Kendall Wheeler said.