Scottsdale, Ariz. - The Arizona Fall League usually rolls in and out of town with little attention from anyone outside the ballpark. This year might be different though, because Tim Tebow is on the Scottsdale Scorpions roster.

Yes, that Tim Tebow, Heisman trophy winner, after several stints in the NFL now trying to make a career in baseball.

"He played on the Broncos. He always has a chance," one Denver fan said in Old Town Scottsdale

The now college football analyst is in Scottsdale this week trying to make the New York Mets. Tebow is currently playing under a $100,000 contract, which he will make regardless of how this tryout ends.

Tebow is playing baseball for the first time since high school 11 years ago.

Not all fans believe Tebow will be able to make the transition.

"I think he will find the speed of a professional game is going to be harder to just be a professional right out of the gate. You can't just decide to pick up baseball,” said one fan.

Tebow hit a homerun in his first instructional league at bat, which is partially why the Mets are giving him a chance this month in Arizona.

He will face far tougher pitching, however. Some of the best prospects in baseball are battling for roster spots in the Arizona Fall League.

"He's a hell of a player, he's a hard worker and he gets it done. That goes a long way for him," one Tebow supporter said in Scottsdale.

There won't be any shortage of doubters, possibly even on his own team. Tebow is 10 years older than the youngest player on the roster, taking a spot away from someone else who's trying to make a big league team.

"I think Tebow should wait his turn, and then let him earn his position and maybe he will be more accepted instead of taking a spot just because he's Tim Tebow."

It's at very least a good financial decision for the Mets. His No. 15 jersey is on baseball's best seller list, and he's never even played a big league game.

Workouts continue on Monday, and the Scorpions’ first game this Fall is on Tuesday Oct. 11 in Glendale against the Desert Dogs.