GLENDALE, Ariz. - Dec. 5, 1993. Almost 23 years ago. That's the last time an NFL team from Los Angeles played a game in Arizona. The Cardinals beat the Rams 38-10 that day at Sun Devil Stadium. Two years later, the Rams moved to St. Louis.

Sunday, they were back in the Valley of the Sun, looking to intensify an already aggressive divisional rivalry.

"They were our team, right next to Orange County in L.A. The Rams were kind of a part of everybody," said Jeff Cartner, a Rams fan whom the Air Force relocated from Orange County to Arizona back in 1972.

He's slowly started rooting for the Cardinals over the years but has always had a soft spot for the Rams.

"I feel sorry for the fans in St. Louis because they have to feel the way L.A. felt when they left L.A. And they had a good following back there. They were loyal,” Cartner said.

Los Angeles native Joe Soqui always wished this day would come so he could show his son.

"Older guys like me, we were Rams fans when we were kids," Soqui said. "Now you see the younger kids, they know that their dads, grandfathers, everybody used to be fans."