PHOENIX – Bobby Freeman sits high above left field in section 332.

“The coolest part about my job is I get to interact with the fans up here in the sand lot area,” Freeman said.

The team gave the organist his own player number. Freeman is number 88, because there are 88 keys on the piano.

Number 88 has been with the D-backs since the beginning. He has a 2001 World Series ring.

“Each and every day that I come to the ball park, I never think that I have a job," Freeman said. "I come out here to play 'Take Me Out to the Ballgame', not work it. And if I have fun, then hopefully everybody has fun as well.”

As for what he can play, Freeman's repertoire is as big as his personality.

“I'm learning new songs all the time because it's a challenge for me," Freeman said. "I always take pride in saying that I can play music from 1940 to top 40. And the greatest thing is if I play a top 40 hit, I'll have a little kid come up and say, 'I know that song.' And that's just so rewarding.”