PHOENIX - Second place wasn't good enough for USA Junior Olympic boxer Lilly Keating.

"Because I wanted to get that gold medal...I didn't want second place," the 16-year-old said.

She's been training six days a week for the last six years, all for this moment.

"Lilly came in like a day or so before her tenth birthday," her coach, Wayne Vires said. "I used to keep the gym open just so that she could train."

Her mother, Michelle, couldn't be happier to support her daughter and her goals.

"To have your child happy and have a passion and excel at it is so gratifying to see," Michelle said.

To Lilly, the game plan hasn't changed.

"I'm looking forward to winning, that's it," she said.

Team USA's Junior Olympics for Boxing takes place June 26-July 1 in Charleston, West Virginia.

To help support Lilly in her dream, visit her GoFundMe page.