Former Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner has arrived in Canton, Ohio ahead of his Hall of Fame induction Saturday.

Warner wife’s Brenda will present him at the induction ceremony on Saturday.

It’s rare for wives to serve as presenters. In fact, only two of the 303 hall of famers inducted prior to this year’s class were introduced by their wives: Deanna Favre presented quarterback Brett Favre last year, and Kim Singletary presented linebacker Mike Singletary in 1998.

Warner tells 12 Sports the decision to select his wife as his presenter was a “no-brainer.”

“I think the bottom line is through this entire journey — all the ups and downs, all the good and bad — there’s been one person that’s been through it all,” Warner said. “That’s sacrificed as much as I had, and really allowed me within our circumstances to chase after my dream.”

Warner will become the 310th member of the Hall of Fame and the 13th member of the Cardinals organization to be inducted.