The Arizona Cardinals shined a spotlight on breast cancer awareness Monday night, as women took to the field to inspire others to get checked early.

Among them was Jennifer Dunn, the wife of former Cardinals tight end Alex Dunn.

Dunn is five months into her battle with breast cancer.

"My great heart’s desire is that there is a busy women who either looks up tonight and notices all the woman on the screen or is actually at the stadium, [and] who as a result of this, decides to do a self-exam," Dunn said Monday.

Dunn found a lump under her armpit while doing a self-exam.

She decided to make an appointment, never thinking she would be fighting this deadly disease.

"For me, I was living a very healthy lifestyle before this happened. I was really busy with my family and other than some fatigue, which I thought was just normal for a mom of three little boys," she said. "I didn't really have any signs that something like this could happen to me."

Dunn hopes her story inspires other young women to get checked out, no matter how unlikely they think a breast cancer diagnosis may be.