TEMPE, Ariz. (AP) - Carson Palmer is spending a lot of time on his back these days, on the green grass (or fake grass) behind the Arizona line of scrimmage.

The Cardinals' quarterback is trying to operate behind a patchwork offensive line and the results have sometimes been brutal.

Continuity is always included as a crucial element to a strong offensive line. That was the case last season, when the Cardinals went 13-3.

"Looking back to last year, I think we got through most of the year with the same guys," Palmer said Wednesday. "This year, it's been the exact opposite. It's been different guys, different spots, different weeks, but that's the game."

Last week in Atlanta, the line included two players who weren't starters when the season began and a third who switched positions. Only left guard Mike Iupati and center A.J. Shipley are playing in the same spots.

The line issues aren't the only reason the Cardinals are 4-6-2, but they are a major contributor.

Palmer, who turns 37 in four weeks, was asked if those poundings might be a factor when he makes his decision to retire.

"I don't know. I'll have to let you know," he said, adding dryly "IF I get there."

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