Arizona Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu is well known for making flashy plays on the field.

But Mathieu is flashing a bit of his fashion sense on social media Saturday.

The Cards safety posted pictures of his new custom cleats on his Instagram account.


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Designed by Marvin Baroota of, the idea behind each pair of his cleats is to “match the player's personality.”

Baroota started customizing cleats for athletes back in October. His first design: a Halloween themed pair for Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan.

Since then, orders have come in from across the country. Most of Baroota’s business comes through word of mouth, but occasionally he’ll reach out to an athlete on social media. That’s how be met Mathieu.

“It took a while for us to get to where we are right now,” says Baroota. “But we are finally making moves. I wanted the (Mathieu’s) cleats to stand out. I wanted something that was going to come out through his shoes.”

The cleats feature everything from the Cardinals logo to his nickname animal namesake, the honey badger.

“The honey badger alone took me about 10 hours,” Baroota said. “At one point I was going to give up and come up with something else, but I was like 'no way, these are going to stand out. I got to get it done the right way.'”

During the game against the Bears, Mathieu broke out the red custom cleats.

Baroota pushed his creativity to a new level with Mathieu’s cleats. Looks like Mathieu won't be the only Arizona player who will hit the field in style this season.

So what’s next? He’s already working on another custom job for another Cardinals player.

“I got (receiver) John Brown next. We been going back and forth on ideas, so stay tuned.”