Colton Sattler is a huge Arizona Cardinals fan. He goes to almost every home game, including the one between the Cardinals and the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night.

"It was unbelievable," said Sattler.

What he didn't know before going is that he was going to witness history. It was the first ever 6 - 6 tie in the new overtime era.

Both teams had a chance to win the game with field goals in overtime but missed. The kicks, both inside of 30 yards, are considered short by NFL standards.

The Cardinals' Chandler Cantazaro missed a 24-yard kick and minutes later the Seahawks' Stephen Hauschka missed a 27-yard kick.

"I thought we were going to win and then I was sure they won," said Sattler.

After the game thousands of Cardinals fans took to social media blasting Catanzaro for his failed attempt. Many suggested the team cut the kicker for botching the short kick.

Sattler didn't go that far but he did post, "I think I could make a 24 yard field goal lol."

So we decided to contact Sattler and see if he could make a 24-yard kick.

The 19-year-old met us at Greenway High School to try five kicks from 24 yards.

"I am a little nervous," said Sattler.

After looking the kick over he was confident he could make one of the five kicks, for sure.

To be clear, that is a 20 percent success rate. The league average for kicks inside of 30 yards is 95 percent.

Sattler missed his first four kicks.

"It's not as easy as I thought," Sattler said.

With the pressure on to make his last kick Sattler drilled it through the goal posts.

"I'm glad I made that one," he said.

After testing his skill he realized what many don't, kicking a football through a goal post is not easy.

"I have a lot more respect for kickers now," said Sattler.

Chandler Catanzaro is the first to admit he should have made that kick, but before you call for his job, you might want to try kicking a few yourself.