When the Arizona Cardinals took the field for practice on Wednesday, there was a surprise for many reporters in attendance. Quarterback Carson Palmer and receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Neither of which has practiced on a Wednesday since about halfway through the 2016 season, were suited up in pads to work.

Of course, that led to all sorts of speculation.

Was it a reaction to Palmer’s poor play? Did Palmer insist on practicing? Was it because of the loss on Sunday?

After practice, Arians didn’t really want to talk about and got issue out of the way before he even took any questions.

“If you’re wondering why Larry and Carson were practicing, I set the damn schedule (expletive) two months ago,” he told reporters. “I’m not answering any questions about why they practiced or didn’t practice. The schedule’s been set for two months, so put that to bed.”

The chippy nature of his statement makes it seem there might be something more to it, but what he said is all anyone has to go by. Perhaps it indeed was always part of the plan, but based on how things went for Palmer in practice the last half of last season, all of training camp and Arians’ own comments over the last few months seem to suggest otherwise.