SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - Brittan Golden can only watch, as his home in Katy, Texas is dangerously close to flooding.

"I get videos everyday. My neighbor sends me videos of the front yard," Golden said before a charity event Monday night in Scottsdale. The latest video sent by his neighbor shows flood water reaching right up to his garage door, and the street is completely submerged.

"I wake up every morning here and it's 110 degrees with the sun out and I look on social media and see my family and friends putting bags near the front door to make sure the water doesn't come in. It's tough," Golden says.

Video from my front porch. Prayers go out to all of Houston and surrounding areas. Please be safe and God Bless!

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Equally as tough, Golden is working hard to make the Cardinals regular season roster. A tough balance as rain continues to pound south Texas over the next few days.

"I think the biggest thing is focusing on football. If I steer away from that I am really hurting myself if it does flood. The main thing is to really concentrate and make this football team first," Golden says.

With so much already on his plate, Golden is thankful his wife and daughter have moved to higher ground.

"We're on the same page, saying 'let's go to my mom's house,' so they left Friday morning," Golden said. His wife and daughter are waiting out the storm in Austin with his mother.