Have you ever found yourself rooting against an athlete just because you can’t stand his or her parents?

That’s what’s happening to me with UCLA star Lonzo Ball.

And I hate myself for it.

UCLA freshman Lonzo Ball appears to be a nice kid who isn’t doing anything wrong. He’s a terrific basketball player, not nearly as great, in my opinion, as everybody else seems to think. Couldn’t have been more unimpressed when he faced Arizona State a few weeks ago, but that’s not the point.

Every time Lonzo touches the basketball, I hope he dribbles it off his foot. Just because his father, LaVar, is such a loudmouth, braggart and show-off. In just the past month, Mister Ball has made more outlandish claims than his eldest son has made baskets. Such as “He’s better than Steph Curry”. The two-time defending NBA Most Valuable player might be the greatest shooter of all-time who plays the game with tremendous joy and passion. Lonzo averages 14 points per game and has bad body language. Really bad.

“A billion dollars”. That’s how much he wants for a shoe endorsement contract. In LaVar’s defense, this demand would include Lonzo and his two little brothers, so it’s a three-for-one deal. What a bargain.

And “Back in my heyday, I would kill Michael Jordan one-on-one.” Okay, tough guy.
I want to like Lonzo Ball, but his dad is sillier than Lucille Ball and that is why I cannot.

LaVar has also said “My son will only play for the Lakers” and I hope that ridiculous statement is true, because Lonzo is projected by most experts to go second or third in the NBA draft, which is where the Suns are likely to be selecting. And if that happens, I’ll hate myself even more.