Like the rest of the NBA, the Suns are getting new jerseys as the league transitions from Adidas uniforms to Nike.

Phoenix's new digs were revealed Thursday -- many minor updates added up to a new look without changes to logos or lettering.

In general, the new uniforms look more traditional than the 2016-17 ones.

The slanted script across the front of the uniforms has been replaced with straight lettering with an outline of the jersey's third color.

The numbers are considerably larger since the negative-space flying ball/sun has been removed. The numbers are also much blockier than on the prior uniforms.

They also added some side striping that tapers off from under the arm down to the waist and updated the collar from

The white and purple sets were released Thursday, and two more uniform options will be unveiled before the season. The NBA is doing away with home and road uniforms, instead giving teams the choice of any of the four (in some cases five) sets they want on a given night.