PHOENIX – Every day is girls night for six months.

Penny Stewart, Phyllis Aro-Trejo and Carolyn Weber are the ultimate Diamondbacks super fans, and they show it on their bags, signs, T-shirts, glasses, shoes and jewelry.

The three have been best friends for five years ever since Penny and Phyllis met at the D-backs pool.

“We've been inseparable ever since,” said Penny.

“We always laugh,” said Phyllis. “We have a really great time. I think that's the biggest thing that I appreciate and that I love. When one of us is missing, it's a little different.”

The Arizona pride and love is also on display at their homes.

“There is never enough Diamondbacks merchandise,” said Carolyn. “If you could, you would want to take one of everything home that's in the shop.”

For this trio, the D-backs are life and there is nothing better than sitting at Chase Field and watching their team.

“We want the D-backs to know that we love them,” said Carolyn. “No matter what. Through thick and thin, we just want them to know they're family.”