All car owners eventually come to the point when it's time to get rid of your trusty ride.

Whether you're looking to upgrade or transition to something more economical, the car-selling process can be rather difficult at times.

So if you're struggling to sell your vehicle, it might be time to get creative. Just like D-Backs pitcher Andrew Chafin.

The Arizona reliever was wearing a microphone during batting practice on Saturday night and Chafin decided to use that time to see if any viewers would be interested in taking his truck off his hands.

Fox Sports Arizona shared the video during Saturday's game against the Washington Nationals and also tweeted out Chafin's pickup pitch.

If anyone is interested in purchasing Chafin's truck, he's asking interested parties to send him a tweet at @BigCountry1739.

The Diamondbacks broadcast followed up on his request Sunday, saying that the pitcher had heard from three potential buyers, but no sale yet.

Even though he hasn't sold his truck, you definitely have to give him an A for effort and creativity.