The D-Backs pulled off a huge win over the Dodgers Tuesday night at Chase Field.

In front of 24,810 fans, many of them wearing Dodger blue, Arizona notched its 34th come-from-behind victory -- the most in the MLB.

And the sea of opposing colors was not lost on D-Backs pitcher Archie Bradley.

After his impressive eighth inning during last night's game, Bradley could be seen emphatically shouting "This is our house, let's go!" as he left the field.

Once the game ended, Bradley was asked about that moment by reporters.

Fox Sports Arizona tweeted out a video of his response and his thoughts on the large Dodger fan presence at Chase Field.

"This is where the Diamondbacks play," said Bradley. "And I want people to cheer for the Diamondbacks."

Bradley said during the interview that he was at the Phoenix Suns game where Devin Booker was talking about not letting Russell Westbrook get a triple double and he appreciated that sentiment.

"I don't care how many games back we are, I don't care if we're the worst team in baseball," Bradley said. "I want to see Diamondbacks fans in the stands, I don't like seeing blue in the stands."

On Wednesday morning, the Phoenix Suns responded to Bradley's comments via Twitter.

When it comes to defending home court or home field, the feeling is mutual.