Queen Creek, Ariz. - It's not every day that at 10-years-old you get to meet your hero, let alone consider him your friend.

For Campbell Faulker, that's exactly what MLB's Cubs' slugger Kyle Schwarber is to him.

Kyle Schwarber has a story of his own. Schwarber missed the entire regular season after injuring his knee in an April game versus the Diamondbacks.

Campbell was at the Diamondbacks and Cubs' game when Kyle got hurt.

"He took off his hat, folded his little hands, and started praying," Carrie Faulkner, Campbell's mother said.

"I wrote him a letter just letting him know that if he needed anything I was there," Campbell said.

But Campbell and Kyle were friends before the injury.

In March 2015, Kyle signed a ball for Campbell and Campbell asked Kyle to be a member of Campbell's Kru.

"He said he would wear it for like, ever," Campbell said.

Campbell's Kru supports Campbell's fight with mitochondrial disease, a disease that affects 1 out of every 4,000 people. The disease affects 90 percent of his cell's energy and because of that, Campbell's organs and bodily functions are constantly being monitored.

For more information on mitochondrial disease, click here.

But Campbell's friendship with Kyle helps him get through his illness.

"(By wearing the bracelet) it just shows that he loves me," Campbell said.

***correction, Campbell spent two years not sleeping in his room because he was scared to be away from his parents. His parents then decorated the walls with pictures to make Campbell feel safe in his own bed.