PHOENIX - Didier Drogba, one of the most notorious names in soccer, has brought his international fandom to the Valley.

Drogba mania was in full effect during Saturday's match against the Vancouver Whitecaps FC 2. Fans flooded the stadium, over 7,000, making conditions standing-room only.

His previous successes with Chelsea and the Ivory Coast national team are just some of his accolades. His latest accomplishment is becoming the first player to ever play while being a co-owner of a franchise.

Fans were excited to see the Rising's new co-owner line up at striker, especially when he scored the first goal of the night.

Drogba also assisted on the Rising's second goal, by Shaun Wright-Phillips, in the 2-1 Phoenix win.

I was on the sideline and let me just say, this is the start of a very special soccer movement here in the Valley.