PHOENIX - The Arizona State wheelchair basketball team is new to the collegiate ranks.

"We had a really good first season as a team last year and we went through some changes, but this year we have a good group of guys and I think we'll have a pretty good season," said Stephen Binning.

ASU is entering its second season of play. For some, playing on the team has required an adjustment period.

"I have to get used to the travel schedule," said Alex Beeson.

But playing for ASU has allowed dreams to come true.

"I've always wanted to play for a collegiate sport. And I want to take as much opportunity as I can to play," Alex continued.

Arizona State's wheelchair basketball team has helped its members achieve balance in life.

"To work towards a degree and staying active playing sports, that's huge for anybody with a disability," said Stephen.

Arizona State's program is young, but growing.

The current group of players hope they are building something for the future.

"I hope we can be the pioneers to make the team grow," said Alex.