TEMPE, Ariz. - Manny Wilkins is a leader on and off the field for Arizona State.

When the Sun Devils quarterback isn't on the football field, he attends meetings for the group 'I Am That Girl'.

"I've seen some things in my time growing up that have shaped me into the man I am today," said Wilkins. "I've learned that growing up no matter what, there's never a situation where a women or a female needs to be disrespected."

'I Am That Girl' is a women's empowerment organization.

Their vision:

A girl's physical, emotional, and mental well-being is rooted in her self-worth, and we are living in an epidemic of self-doubt.
I AM THAT GIRL is a 501(c)3 organization helping girls to transform self-doubt in to self-love by providing a safe space to connect and have honest conversations about things that matter. Every day, girls are bombarded with messages that attack what she is NOT and we work every day to help her love who SHE IS; to see that in herself and inspire that in others.We are shifting girl culture.
Raising the standards for how girls treat themselves, each other, and the world. By building a community for girls to be seen, be heard, and belong, we are giving them something bigger than themselves to stand for and creating a healthier, more powerful world.

"It's all about standing up for what you believe in," said Wilkins.

Wilkins isn't the only Sun Devil football player that attends the meetings either.

Edmond Boateng also attends the meetings with Wilkins.

"I'm out here to improve myself as an individual and get closer to my peers at ASU," said Boateng.

Those at the meetings share personal stories and talk about social issues.

The hope is to spread awareness and make an impact in the community.