GLENDALE, Ariz. - The Sun Devils made program history Sunday afternoon in Glendale.

Arizona State beat #18 Air Force 5-2, marking ASU's first NCAA win over a ranked opponent.

"There's not a guy on our staff and not a player in our room that didn't expect that to happen," said head coach Greg Powers on Monday. "We wanted to sweep them."

It's a big feat for the Arizona State program, which is in just its second year of NCAA play.

The Sun Devils had a rich tradition at the ACHA club level, winning a national championship there in 2013.

It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that the Sun Devils have also found success at the NCAA level.

"They're a group that has a lot of confidence in their ability. And they should," said Powers.

"The more they can feel that winning swagger and feeling to where it just becomes customary and it comes natural is what we're trying to get this program to," Powers continued.

Powers also said he draws on his experience from the ACHA days, and is seeing those same concepts work at the NCAA level.

ASU is now 1-3-0.