MINNEAPOLIS - An alleged thief learned this weekend that trying to outrun cross country athletes doesn't usually end well.

The University of Arizona's Collins Kibet and Bailey Roth made sure the team recovered all their gear after an attempted robbery from their team's room at a hotel, a spokesperson for the athletic department confirmed.

The team was in Minneapolis this past weekend for a meet when the incident occurred.

Kibet, a senior from Kenya, walked into one of the team's rooms at the Courtyard Marriott when a man slipped from the bathroom and out the door.

With that, it was off to the races -- the suspect with some of the team's belongings; Kibet with dress shoes on his feet, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

A couple of Kibet's teammates joined the pursuit from the lobby, include Roth, a junior, whose specialty as a steeplechaser helped him follow the suspect over fences.

Kibet managed to call 911 as he ran after the suspect.

The runners stayed with the suspect but kept their distance after he threatened them. They eventually helped officers corner him and take him into custody.

The suspect, 48-year-old Darren Clinton, has a history of assault and burglary, the Star Tribune said. Now he's been charged for burglary and terroristic threats for the incident at the hotel.

And while Clinton was struggling by the time he was taken into custody, the men from the U of A had an easy time of it, according to local police.