Erik Israel Camacho is a huge fan of Mexico City's Cruz Azul soccer club, but he can't see his favorite players.

He is blind.

His brother Luis Ángel roots for Club America, Cruz Azul's cross-town rival.

Even if Erik can't see the game, he can feel it, so he and Luis wanted to be there when the two sides faced off Saturday.

So the brothers sold fruit and saved their money to go to the game, according to Mexican website Aristegui Noticias.

Luis narrated the game for Erik, and his Eagles went ahead 2-0. But Cruz Azul earned a penalty kick in the 79th minute to narrow Club America's lead to one.

So the stadium sat quiet as Luis laid out the scene for Erik.

Cruz Azul's Édgar Méndez lined up to take the penalty kick, and he slid it into the bottom right corner of the net as the America goalkeeper dived to the other side.

As the ball splashed the back of the America net, Luis showed how excited he was for his brother's club, even against his own.

America ended up winning the match 3-1 after another late goal, but the brothers showed the true spirit of sport, despite rooting for opposite teams.