PHOENIX - Forty years ago, 76-year-old Army veteran Myles Grunewald started a soccer club in north Phoenix.

"We started out as a very normal club and in the last eight or nine years ... it is what it is now," Myles Grunewald said.

The North Phoenix Christian Soccer Club grew in size and popularity and has now given kids from more than 100 different countries a chance to play soccer.

Many of his players are refugees, coming from Thailand, Mexico, and countries in Africa.

The love of soccer is one thing, but the kindness and compassion that Myles has for each of his players is something beyond that.

He and his wife Carol fund the entire soccer club out of his 401(k) and make sure no player goes without the right equipment.

"That's part of our deal, is to provide shoes," Grunewald said.

Myles goes beyond even that, though -- he and his colleague Alondra pick each player up for every practice and game.

For more information on the club or if f you want to show support with a donation, visit the club's Facebook page.