So about last night...

The Arizona Cardinals tied the Seattle Seahawks in a historically ridiculous game.

Historic because the touchdown-less tie was the first in the NFL since 1972. And the Cardinals have now been involved in all three of the 6-6 ties in NFL history.

The all-time series between the Cardinals and Seahawks is tied, 17-17-1

Ridiculous because, well, you know.

If you watched the game you're probably like:

Everyone’s reaction to that game:

— NFL on ESPN (@ESPNNFL) October 24, 2016

If you fell asleep and read about the outcome Monday morning you're probably like:

There's also a good chance you reacted like Samuel L. Jackson.

But before you go all Patrick Peterson and collapse in a heap of emotion -- pause.

What does the tie actually mean in the NFC West?

Officially the game ended in a tie, but in the minds of the Seattle Seahawks it was the best tie ever. Some would even call it a win.

The Cardinals flat out outplayed the Seahawks in almost every offensive stat line and the Arizona defense had one of its best performances, ever.

Plain and simple, the Cardinals should've won. But they didn't.

Now, the Seahawks remain on top with a two-game lead and their schedule gets easier here on out, which is not good for the Cardinals.

But if we're going to think hypothetically, because that's what we do here in the media world, there is a very small silver lining to that tie -- especially when it comes to the wild card hunt.

Say the Cardinals were to finish 10-5-1 -- having a tie instead of one more loss would give them an advantage over a team that finished 10-6.

We won't know for sure what the tie actually means until closer to Week 17. But there is one thing we do know: When the Cardinals travel to Seattle on Dec. 24 -- we'll all be hoping for a different outcome.

In the meantime, since it was a tie, resume emotional collapse.

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