LAS VEGAS - I was sitting in my seat during the Pac-12 Tournament finals between Arizona and Oregon. Out of the corner of my left eye, I noticed this fan going crazy. I watched him for a couple of minutes, then decided to pick up my camera and start rolling.

Come to find out, the fan I was watching, was about to watch his son seal the game for the Wildcats.

“My heart was pounding out of my chest,” Ramon Cartwright, father of Arizona Wildcats’ point guard Parker Jackson-Cartwright, said.

You think players have it rough during March Madness? What about the parents? Ramon laid all his emotions out during the final two minutes. From fist pumps to prayers,

“I’m a good Catholic. I did what I was supposed to do when times are tough, I pray. That’s what we do,” Ramon said.

Roman’s son is someone you can’t miss on the court, because Parker is only 5-foot-10.

“Every time I’m out there I have something to prove, and I play with a lot of heart,” Parker said.

And in the biggest moment, with the game on the line and dad holding on for dear life, the shortest guy on the court made the biggest play.

“Parker jumped out of the gym,” that’s how center Lauri Markkanen described the game sealing rebound Parker got with 39 seconds left and Arizona up by only four.

“All I seen is this little body flying up to go get the ball,” said guard Allonzo Trier.

“You got to make winning plays,” Park said. “I just went up and got it. If I can contribute in anyway and help my team win, I’m doing my job.”

“I’ll remember that rebound for the rest of my life,” Ramon said. “Forever.”