If you were bored by the NBA postseason this year, be sure to keep an eye on the NBA offseason.

While the Warriors celebrate their championship victory over the Cavaliers, fans can celebrate the beginning of a very entertaining 2017 offseason. From the NBA Draft storylines to who will be changing teams this season, there's no shortage of intriguing news and entertainment.

But the Atlanta Hawks and Charlotte Hornets might just have the best story of the offseason.

The two clubs took to Twitter to do some social media wheeling and dealing as the draft approaches.

After tweeting about their fans' suggestions for their upcoming draft pick, Atlanta kicked off the hilarious back-and-forth.

Here's how it all went down:

After a few mentions, the L.A. Clippers decided to chime in. The club's Twitter account suggested they do the ESPN Trade Machine to work out the particulars.

With all the pieces in place, everyone was ready to pull off the best social media trade ever.

While it was all in jest, I do kind of wish all trades happened via Twitter. That would certainly be worth a follow.

And in other news, the Hawks and Hornets did actually complete a real trade involving center Dwight Howard.