After their thrilling extra-inning victory over the Colorado Rockies, the D-Backs headed to Washington D.C. to kick off their upcoming road trip.

But before they even start their series against the Washington Nationals, the team is already winning with their sense of style.

As the team prepared to leave for the nation's capital, they did so donning some amazing outfits featuring, you guessed it, red, white and blue.

Several players decided to show off their patriotic side by wearing some of the best attire you'll ever see.

And from the looks of the team photo, there was a wide variety of styles.

From Taijuan Walker's smooth track suit

To Archie Bradley's incredible cut-off shorts and vest

And David Peralta's patriotic pants

There's was plenty of USA cheer to go around. And let's not forget about Bradley's dabbing eagle T-shirt.

We have to say, if this becomes a regular thing on every road trip, we wouldn't be upset one bit.

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