Photos are cherished possessions.

They capture all of life's moments and give us a chance to reminisce about our important events and milestones.

While many of us have albums and hard drives full of treasured images, one man is on a search for a photo of him and his late wife.

A tweet has surfaced featuring a photo of a page from "The National Trust" magazine that includes text of a plea searching for a desired photo.

According to the image, Alan Wright and his wife visited Sissinghurst Castle in Kent, England in September 2015. During the trip, Wright and his wife spoke to a couple of visitors.

One of the visitors took a photo of the couple sitting in one of the gardens, but Wright didn't get the photographer's name.

Wright's wife passed away a few months later and he realized that the photo taken at the castle was the last one taken of her.

After the realization, he is now on the search for the photo's owner.

According to Mashable, "The National Trust" confirmed the image from the tweet was from the magazine's Summer 2017 edition.

If you have any information on the photo in question, or know the person who took the photograph, please contact