If you've watched any horror movie, you've undoubtedly experienced the cringe-worthy suspense that comes with this genre.

From fright-fests like "Friday the 13" to scream-inducers like "The Exorcist," fans of horror enjoy the fearful films as they watch movie monsters hunt down unsuspecting protagonists.

Even this pooch can appreciate a good horror scene.

The internet's heart is skipping a beat right along with Khaleesi the bulldog after video of her watching television was posted on YouTube.

In the clip, we see Khaleesi intently watching the 2013 horror film, "The Conjuring."

As she watches the suspenseful scene play out in front of her, Khaleesi begins to bark as the danger draws closer.

It's almost as if the dog is trying to warn the girl in the video that evil is around.

It's ok, Khaleesi, we've all been there.