Lost among the wave of Ken Bone's internet fame and news about exploding Galaxy Note 7s, is the newest selfie trend.

The high-five, hands-free selfie is the latest phenomenon to capture the attention of the internet, but it might not be a great idea to participate.

While a photo of your phone "levitating" as you high-five yourself will more than likely garner a few retweets and likes, it's certainly not worth the risk of damaging your $600 phone.

If you do a quick Twitter search for "high-five selfie" or "hands-free selfie," you can see users from around the world sharing their attempts at the selfie trend.

This tweet from Seth Schneider has been retweeted more than 172,000 times and received almost 438,000 likes.

And as you can imagine, the internet joined in on Seth's selfie shenanigans.

But not every selfie is a success.

Even though it might look like fun, remember, a blurry photo of you in front of a mirror is not worth a shattered phone screen.

Or explaining to mom and dad that you broke your new iPhone 7 because using your hands to take a selfie is too old school.