Paul Lehman is a husband, father, grandfather and a man who is terrified of mice -- but if you were anywhere near San Tan Valley on Sunday night you may have already heard that one.

Paul lives in San Tan Valley with his wife, Kim and son Justin. Every night before going to bed, Paul says he steps outside to smoke a cigarette. But for the past few weeks, as he did that, he started hearing a scratching sound coming from the family's grill.

"I thought it was just some sort of bug that was getting in there at night," Paul said.

He finally told his wife and son about the noise and brought his wife to the back door so she could hear it on Saturday.

"So she would stop thinking I was just hearing things," Paul said. "Sure enough, she heard it."

It was the moment Paul realized it was bigger than a bug. So come Sunday around 1 a.m., he grabbed his son and the two started investigating the grill.

Paul said they opened the top of the grill and looked inside.

"I saw something by one of the burners but I could not tell what it was," he said.

His son had the "bright idea" (Paul's words, not ours) of taking a cane and using it to poke around through a small hole in the backside of the grill.

There was definitely something in there.

"Low behold this d*** little mouse came flying out of the top of the grill landing on the patio in front of me and then it hauled a** straight towards me," Paul said.

Did we mention Paul was terrified of mice?

"I literally freaked and did not know where to run," he said. "Instead of running inside the door I bolt towards the backyard falling over my grandson's play table and taking out 2 patio chairs before I came to rest face down in the backyard."

His son was in tears from laughing.

Luckily for us, Paul's screams and running was all captured on a security camera.

"The grill is now in the trash," Paul said.

As far as the mouse goes, Paul said his screaming scared it away for good.

At least he hopes.