AVONDALE, Ariz. - The Avondale man who lost more than 300 pounds one step at a time is taking his inspirational tale to Ellen.

Pasquale “Pat” Brocco aka "Possible Pat" weighed 605 pounds and was called “Fat Pat” because of his size.

#tbt 600+ lbs, unhealthy, and unaware of the harm I was causing my body! It took awake call from doctors for me to even want to change! To be honest I never even knew how much I weighed or what I was doing to my body! Close to death and eating myself into a early grave! I may not know everyone's situation or what your going through in life but if your anything like I was it's time for a change! No food taste good enough to give your life for it! Our health is our wealth and the choice is yours! You may not want to Dedicate your life to fitness or become a bodybuilder like I do but that doesn't mean you can't make a change! Eat cleaner, make healthier choices, become more active, go on walks, just do more then what you have been! Trust me it can go along way! I even started my own journey by walking! Point is the small things are important and they make the impossible become possible so start with what you can and keep making forward progress! #transformation #motivation #tbt #weightlossjourney #fitfam #bodybuildingcom #fitness #fitnessmotivation #overweight #obesity #transformforlife #neverquit #nevergiveup #workharder #inspire #itspossible

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He had a wake-up call after losing a push-up bet with a client -- Pat worked as a bodyguard for celebrities. He couldn't even do one push up and a few days later a doctor told him his weight, high blood pressure and high cholesterol were putting his life in danger.

“It’s rough being told when you’re 28 you might die,” Pat told 12 News.

Enough was enough. So Pat decided if he was going to eat, he'd make himself work for it.

He walked six miles to a grocery store in the Arizona heat every time he got hungry. He took nutritional classes and became a regular at the gym. Eventually, Pat turn his entire life around.

Send me updates on how your doing in the #itpossible90daychallenge giving away a pair of beats wireless headphones this week one female one male contestant! Tag me in your progress picture and I'll pic a winner! It's a process and no it won't happen over night but one thing I can guarantee is if you stay true to your diet and bust your ass in the gym result will happen! It's not just the diet and it's not just the gym it's the combination of both! You must give both 100% and never stop fighting! #itspossible90daychallenge #weightlossjourney #transformation #fitfam #motivation

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His journey to a healthier life has inspired people all over the internet -- and now it's caught the eye of Ellen. Rumor is, she had quite the surprise for him!