If you're tired of the election but still want to be invested in the debate, have we got a deal for you!

You can bet on anything from the color of Hillary Clinton's jacket to the number of times Donald Trump will say "tremendous," and plenty of other seemingly inconsequential prop bets.

They're only inconsequential to us, of course -- the debate teams likely spent all kinds of time micromanaging these decisions and coaching their candidates in preparation for the third debate.

These bets are a fun way to stay engaged if you found yourself under the table from playing a drinking game in the first two debates.

It is indeed illegal to gamble on politics in the United States but there are still odds which can be used for informal betting.

Here are five of our favorite prop bets available and their odds, according to Bovada.lv and PaddyPower.com:

Will Trump and Clinton shake hands before the debate?

Yes: -120
No: -120

How are these odds even?! Sure, you're always taking a risk with these, but with all the vitriol this campaign season, I'd be more inclined to expect at least a 2-to-1 slant toward no handshake.

What color will Trump's tie be?

Red: 1/2
Blue: 3/1
Yellow/Gold: 4/1
Black: 20/1
Other: 6/1

The Republican nominee has already gone with both traditional American colors. Normally, I'd go with red for party allegiance, but he's been railing against the GOP establishment and I love the odds on black.

Will Hillary Clinton take a drug test before the debate?

Yes: 14/1

Putting a small bet on this one could be fun, but how would it be verified? I could see Clinton taking Trump's bait on the drug test talk in an effort to troll him.

What will be the first topic mentioned?

Fitness to be president: 6/5
Immigration: 10/3
Economy: 4/1
Supreme Court: 11/2
Foreign hot spots: 9/1
Debt and Entitlements: 9/1

Immigration seems like a good play here. It's a broad enough issue that those laying out the debate plan would open with it, and it's been a major point on both candidates' platforms. Trump began his run on building a border wall, so it would be an interesting way to open the final showdown.

Will Trump attend the debate?

No: 14/1

Some have been saying Trump would consider skipping the debate to show how staunchly he believes the election is rigged. But Wednesday night's debate will be moderated by Chris Wallace of "Fox News Sunday," and Trump may see his Fox ties as favorable compared to earlier moderators.

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