Hanging out in a Kleenex box. That's where Twitter user @Britneydortiz apparently found her missing rescue kitten, Chanel, after an hours-worth of frantic searching.

In a span of Tweets sharing the harrowing tale, Britney said she went to heat up Chanel's bottle and returned to find that the adorable little kitten had disappeared.

But where did the little furball go? Did she fall? Was she lost? Panic and tears set in and the search for Chanel began as they started "flipping all the couches and furniture over," according to Britney's mom in a text message exchange that Britney shared on Twitter

Little did they know the mischievous little Chanel was sleeping in a nearby, full Kleenex box the whole time. Only to be discovered when Britney's grandpa went to grab a tissue, she tweeted.

Since being posted two days ago the tweet has over 250,000 retweets and nearly 650,000 likes. 

And how is Chanel handling the new internet fame? Like any cat would. But she's apparently sorry for nearly giving her mom a heart attack.