No, really. Even the college-aged.

Which, to some people, might be surprising, given how much time we all seem to spend talking about hookup culture. Sometimes, it seems like sex is the only thing people talk about — especially when it’s all over advertising and entertainment.

“We’re more open to talking about our sexuality, so you would think in today’s day, people would be having more sex,” Towson University senior Jordan Stephenson said.

You might think so, yes, but you’d be wrong. A new study published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior shows that American adults are, on average, having sex nine times fewer a year than they did in the late ’90s.

Adults aged 18-29 had sex, on average, 87 times per year in the early 2000s. That number has shrunk to 79 times per year, according to the study.

The study showed that, even when controlled for age, Millennials are having less sex than people born in the 1930s.

Charlotte Smith, another Towson Student, told USA TODAY College that she was surprised but not shocked.

She said it made sense that, a few decades ago, people had “consistent sex partners,” because they “actually dated back then.”

She’s right: The study indicated that one reason for the declining rate of sex among American adults is that fewer people have long-term partners. On average, the study noted, people in long-term relationships have more sex than single people.

One student who talked to USA TODAY College was pretty clear that he found the fact the decline in sex pretty stunning.

“I’ve gotta say, it surprises me,” Dylan Yount, a senior at West Virginia University, said. “Maybe it’s just because I’m in a college town and hookup culture is alive and well.”

And, while he might not have appreciated the root cause, Yount did know what he thought of the trend.

“I think it’s a bad trend and I refuse to take part,” Yount said. And he had a tip: “Have sex as often as possible.”

Cody Boteler is a Towson University student and a USA TODAY College correspondent.