Hurricane Matthew has hit the Caribbean and American Southeast hard.

It has killed more than 800 people in Haiti alone, along with at least three in the United States.

The deadly storm has left thousands without power and damaged homes and buildings as it's torn through the region.

In instances of natural disasters, it's easy to feel totally helpless. But even from here in Arizona, there are ways you can help those affected by Matthew.

LIVE BLOG: What's happening with Hurricane Matthew

It's important to know your donation is actually going to those affected by the disaster rather than to overhead costs or inefficient uses, so do your research. Oftentimes, finding an established charity is the best route.

Once you find an organization you believe in, remember that it's best to give money rather than supplies.

While you may think donating supplies is a good way to avoid having your money go to overhead, good charities know better what the needs are of those affected by a natural disaster. They can make much more efficient use of your monetary donation than your canned foods or clothes.

Charity Navigator has plenty of other suggestions on what to think about when deciding how to help during a crisis.

Here are a few organizations working to help Hurricane Matthew:

The Red Cross

If you're an AT&T customer, you can text "MATTHEW" to 90999 to make a $10 donation, charged to your wireless bill.




Salvation Army