Watch out "American Ninja Warrior" competitors: We may have just found a future champion.

Lylah, 5, is already training to be on the competition show and her dad, Gavin MacCall, fully supports his athletic little girl.

Gavin has turned the backyard into a mini-ninja course equipped with everything from a big crowd of stuffed-animal spectators to obstacles including a zip-line, the new "quintuple steps," "Hanging Steps at Christmas Tree Corner," and the Lylah-named "Log Thingies."

The course even features that famous 'Ninja Warrior' warped wall -- although, on a smaller scale.

And Lylah made it look easy as her dad offered some awesome, 'Ninja Warrior'-inspired commentary.

This isn't the first course Lylah has conquered -- she's an expert at the indoor course too, but Gavin wrote it was time to move the competition outdoors after the 2015 course.

MacCall told USA TODAY Lylah spends plenty of time climbing "the parking cement 'thingies,'" as she calls them, at the playground. Creating new courses for Lylah is fun for him too.

With even bigger plans in play for next year's course, Gavin is asking for some support. So if you want to help Lylah get more obstacles you can donate to the MacCall family's GoFundMe campaign.