There might be just one thing more prominent than Bill Nye's bow tie: His theme song.

The teacher rolling in the TV stand was almost always immediately followed by chants of "Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill! Bill!"

Cue the nostalgia feels, now!

Nye is back making science fun with a new show dispelling scientific myths and a new theme song -- that might carry a familiar chant.

Bill Nye Saves the World premieres April 21 with 13 episodes on Netflix on topics ranging from sex and artificial intelligence to video games and alternative medicine.

You may even find out why we can praise blame NASA for selfies.

And with the new, cool show, it looks like the science guy tapped into the rap world for his theme song through Tyler the Creator.

"If you listen to the theme song, it's vaguely reminiscent. It's back there," Nye told USA TODAY at a premiere event for his show.

The show dropped a short tease Monday.

Will you be binging Bill Nye's new show?