Not only can Kelly Clarkson write and sing lyrics, but she can also write a book with a lullaby.

Clarkson recently announced that she will release her first children's book called River Rose and the Magical Lullaby and she dedicated it to her sweet daughter River Rose. The book is set to come out in October and you can find it basically anywhere, including eBay.

The book is about a little girl's first trip to the zoo and the little girl, River Rose, is so excited to see the animals that she can't fall asleep until a magical lullaby from her mom sends her off on an amazing journey.

It's the perfect bedtime story to put your little one to bed.

“When kids read River Rose and the Magical Lullaby, my hope is that it inspires their imagination and reminds them that they should always follow their dreams -- no matter where they lead,” Clarkson said in a release.

12 News had the chance to chat with Clarkson about her new book.

We asked her if there was a major difference in writing a book compared to writing a song.

"How I initially wrote the stories was very lyrical like how I write songs because I was just doing it for my daughter," said Clarkson.

She initially didn't have the intention to write a book, but it just happened organically.

Clarkson said the greatest challenge was wrapping up the storyline and just making sure everything flowed since this was her first time writing a book.