Humor can be found in many things, including movies, magazines and television shows.

NBC's "The Carmichael Show" is a great example of setting the bar when it comes to using humor with real-life topics.

The show is back for its third season and the series is taking a positive turn for this upcoming season.

The show isn't afraid to approach the tough subjects our society is dealing with today.

For the viewers to get a a gist of what season three will start with, the series will premiere with back-to-back episodes centering around sexual assault.

12 News had the chance to chat with the show's star, Jerrod Carmichael. It's the third time we interview him and it's always a blast.

Not only is he a really friendly, outgoing and open-minded guy, but he's real.

He talked to us about what to expect the show will do differently this time around in adding more humor to the show around real-life conversations.

"Whatever we're talking about, the issue is, or the story is, I think there is always humor around people's views, misconceptions. We always find humor in that." said Jerrod.

Jerrod asked me about my baby girl, and we got talking about parenthood.

He said the only way he will become a father if he's close to 90 years old, then he would consider it.

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