Grab your yoga mats!

The summer doesn't exclude anyone.

Summers are harsh in certain parts of Arizona and many families in need not only have their children to think of, but also their pets.

YogaFit, one of the largest yoga training and yoga certification programs in the world has teamed up with Family Promise of Greater Phoenix.

"We decided to partner and raise funds for Family Promise because it's unique that a shelter will allow people to bring their pets and I think it's such a big problem in this country that people have to let their pets behind," said Beth Shaw, founder of YogaButt/YogaCore.

Beth conducted a class on Thursday that helped drive donations for Family Promise at the Scottsdale McCormick Ranch Resort.

Family Promise of Greater Phoenix provides emergency shelter and offers a program designed to help families return to independence. Not only that, but they are the only shelter in Phoenix that provides shelter to families with pets.

"In 2016, we rescued 103 families. About a third of our families have pets and last year we saw 45 and that was 27 dogs, 16 cats, two geckos and a turtle named Hustle." said Lisa Randall, the development director at Family Promises.

Many would find it odd that a yoga organization would want to join with a shelter. Lisa says that they were shocked but so grateful that they were contacted to be part of such a beneficial event.

YogaFit will donate $1,000 to Family Promise.