Lights, camera and strut the walk!

Models and exclusive invitees will have the chance to experience one of the world's most astonishing catwalks at an iconic location later this month.

The Hoover Dam will host a high-tech fashion phenomenon for the first time Monday, June 26.

For five years now, the remarkable High Fashion x High Tech catwalk has been showcasing its models' remarkable struts at various exotic places with modern engineering.

The catwalk productions are managed by supermodel Jessica Minh Anh. You might remember a couple years back, Jessica became well-known for her transformation of London's Tower Bridge into a sky-high catwalk.

"We have tried to do different things, for example, the show at the Solar Power Plant in Spain, which is not a typical monument for a catwalk location," said Jessica.

She has shared her mind-blowing catwalks in different continents, including places such as the Eiffel Tower, One World Trade Center and in 2013, the Grand Canyon.

"We were very excited about that show. I actually brought all my model friends from London," Jessica said about the Grand Canyon event.

A couple of well-known designers including Kine Dione, Christian Zerra and Gulnur Gunes will be contributing to the show at Hoover Dam.

Jessica is very precise on which models she brings to the shows and the designers as well.

"We really go global. We go all around the world and the shows, instead of some other production company," she said about the exclusive nature of her company.

During the catwalk at Hoover Dam, the backdrop video will feature Lake Mead and the beautiful Black Canyon.

And Jessica isn't done just yet with her masterpiece production.

"I'm still ready to create more shows of different kinds, so hopefully people will still be surprised in the years to come," said Jessica.