This was Melanie Rodriguez's third year attending the Route 91 Festival. She says it's the last festival she'll go to for a while.

The horrific incident that occurred in Las Vegas Sunday night is now the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

"It sounded like fireworks that were going off, but [I] realized they weren't popping off like an assault rifle," said Melanie.

VEGAS SHOOTING: At least 59 killed, 500 others injured

Melanie and her boyfriend wanted to help injured people around, but ran in between the clip rounds of the shooting.

"People were screaming and dropping to the floor, some were shot and instantly killed right next to us," said Melanie.

Thankfully she and her boyfriend only had a couple bruises and scuffs from jumping fences, Melanie said.

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"We ran two miles out and a good Samaritan Uber driver picked us up and took us to the University of Las Vegas for refuge," said Melanie.

She is now back home in California and safe, but says she has not been able to sleep since the incident.